In Memoriam

A Tribute to Vicki Holmes

Written in Unison by Sonya Lucero and Connie Campos

When anyone who knew Vicki Holmes thinks of her, they probably think- confident, knowledgeable, respected, short sale guru, firecracker, lionhearted and so many more adjectives. If you were on the other side of a transaction as her you may have, once or twice, been beaten down, out negotiated, left wondering if this is truly the career you wanted. But afterwards, secretly you were probably thinking to yourself “Wow! I need to be more like that,” “I have to take this note,” “How did she just do that?” “Wait.. what just happened?”

Connie and I (Sonya) lived it every day for years. In between our cries to each other of frustration, the redness of irritation on our face, the quite literal beads of sweat from working for her- only recently do we realize how much of an honor that was and how it helped mold us into the agents and professionals we are today. It is not easy to appreciate the cracking of the whip while it’s happening, but we are better because of it. She knew what we needed, and she saw our potential while she pushed us to be our best. And those moments that we got a pat on the back, a ‘that’s my girl’ or watching her eyes light up proud of the mini-Vicki’s she had groomed us to be. It made it all worth was the sweetest feeling ever.

Vicki and I met over 10 years ago. I became her right hand and she became my mentor. Connie joined us just a few years later and brought to the table the missing ingredient for our partnership. We worked hard, played hard and the 3 of us probably saw each other over the past several years more than we saw our own husbands. She taught us so much. Her drive was unparalleled. Day in and day out, we listened to her and watched her in action. Talking to clients, prospects, agents, insurance people, management, lenders, etc. Her charisma on that phone was second to none. She could have any person stuttering in no time; out of confusion, in awe. That is sort of how we feel now.  In awe of the person she was, in awe of how fun she was. Jaw dropping her entire existence.

And confused. Confused how we are all here today. Two days ago, Connie was dancing with her at Rosie’s circle 26 party just days before Christmas. Two days ago, we were in a limo heading to the Long Realty recognition party to celebrate our success together, two days ago we were having breakfast at Millie’s just talking about life and the passing of the torch in business. Two days ago, she told us of her illness. Two days ago, she left us. And here we are.

In actuality, it has been more than two days for any one of those things. But time moves fast. This is probably something we will never truly understand until we are gone, I am sure. Our time here is temporary. Contemplating the time and years we had with her, even though they seem long, do not feel like nearly long enough. If this entire tragic event has taught us anything, it is to enjoy life, as she did with hers. She was probably the biggest concert goer I know. She loved to travel and explore. She met friends, literally everywhere she went. People would just spark up a conversation with her out of nowhere and she get lost in it for so long.

She was proud. Proud of herself. Proud of her success and the business she had built. Because why wouldn’t she be?! With so many designations under her belt, so many awards, so many client’s lives she had impacted, with a million phones call of “Hey, nice picture over the Tanque Verde bridge! Can you list my house?”

Connie and I were lucky enough to see her just hours before passed. She knew her time was coming and she asked us to come as soon as possible. With light in her eyes, she proudly said she gave it all she had. And she did; she fought hard as anyone would expect Vicki Holmes to fight. We will always be grateful for the time and conversations we had with her these last few month, the kind of conversations you have when you know time is not on your side and you have to get it all out. We laughed, and we cried, and held her. I think one of the reasons we 3 clicked so well is because we are passionate about the same thing, helping people. We step in and help them transition into a new home and many times doing so is reflective of a chapter closing in theirs lives and beginning a new one. 

That is exactly what we did for each other that day. We held each other’s hands through our own transition…a passing of the torch and for Vicki the ultimate transition. It was a learning experience, heart breaking, eye opening, but even through the tragedy we still managed to create profoundly beautiful moments, conversations and an even deeper love.  We’ll forever cherish these moments with her. She was our mentor, friend, a mother figure and we love her dearly. That last day, in typical Vicki fashion, she gave us the last items that she would put on our to-do list.  And we are working on it.

Thank you,

Sonya Lucero and Connie Campos